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Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (Conventions Issue 6.0 – 1st May 2017)

As part of the on-going work to standardise data collection, and to ensure a uniformity of approach that will assist Non-Domestic Energy Assessors (NDEA) and Accreditation Schemes, please find below the sixth issue (effective from 1st May 2017) of the Non Domestic EPC Conventions released by DCLG for England & Wales.

Commercial EPC EW Conventions Issue 6 – approved by DCLG (Active from 1st May 2017)

The Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (NDPEC) Conventions Group has issued a new set of conventions to govern Non-Domestic EPCs in England and Wales. Issue 6.0 and applies to all NDEPC accredited Energy Assessors and those in training.

All new conventions are highlighted in light blue. The new and amended conventions should be applied from the dates shown in the ‘Implementation Date’ column and should not be applied until this date – Monday 1st May 2017.

These conventions are part of the on-going work to standardise the assessment process to ensure uniformity of approach in a way that will assist Accreditation Schemes and Non-Domestic Energy Assessors (NDEAs) and at the same time provide assurance to consumers that a consistent approach is being taken to carry out energy assessments.

Note that these conventions also apply, under separate direction to Approved Organisations by the Scottish Government, to assessments in Scotland. In this respect, any reference to Accreditation Schemes or relevant regulations may be taken as the equivalent term applicable in Scotland.

Changes and additions included in Issue 6.0 affect the following key areas:
Appointment of On-Site Renewable (OSR) Electricity Generation
Air Permeability
Correct use of Address Line 1 for Building Details
Acceptable Evidence for High Frequency T8 Lamps
Frame Factors
Sales vs Eating/Drinking area activities
Block Glazing Exteriors
Same Space adjacency
Zoning for Day Lit Spaces
Modelling a zone within a zone
LTHW Boiler Efficiencies
Estimating the Local Mechanical Exhaust Specific Fan Power (SFP) in existing buildings
Zones without Fixed Conditioning Equipment in Exisiting Buildings
Modern LED Lighting

The current Conventions 5.0 will be superseded from the 1st May 2017:- Commercial EPC EW Government Conventions Issue 5.0

2) SBEM Weather Locations Post Areas –

02. SBEM_Weather_Locations_Post_Areas

3) SBEM Weather locations lookup spreadsheet

All our EPC lodgments carried out by our assessors have been carried out under the latest relevant conventions.

The latest conventions version 6.0 will, therefore, supersede any previous assessment process and any previously published guidance’s.

With this in mind, further conventions are being developed and will be released in stages and we at LCEA Ltd will always work to the latest Government approved set of Non Domestic (Commercial EPC) Conventions.

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We are Chartered Quantity Surveyors with Building Engineering Services knowledge. Providing Mechanical & Electrical Quantity Surveying Services and Energy Efficiency (Low Carbon, CO2) energy expertise.

We provide independent energy monitoring and reporting for the carbon reduction commitment energy efficiency scheme (CRC) and Lead Energy Assessors under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)* Our Surveyors are Security Cleared at Heathrow Airport and Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Cleared.

We are accredited commercial energy assessors delivering the requirements set out within the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive for the following:-

  • Display Energy Certificates
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  • Commercial Green Deal Assessments
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