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Chartered Surveyors Report for Hard to Treat Cavity Wall Insulation (HTTC)

Government Legislation requires a report by a Chartered Surveyor to assess the improvements required under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).


At Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) Ltd we are Chartered Surveyors providing professional surveying services. We identify and issue HTTC reports demonstrating whether the installation of insulation to solid and hard-to-treat cavity walls, are eligible measure under the ECO obligations.


Qualifying actions for “Hard To Treat Cavity”

(a) a cavity wall—

(i) in a building with 3 or more storeys where each storey has cavity walls;
(ii) which a chartered surveyor has reported is not suitable to insulate with standard insulation material or techniques; or
(iii) which a chartered surveyor has reported is not suitable to insulate without substantial remedial works to the building;
(b) a cavity within a cavity wall which is less than 50mm wide;
(c) a cavity found in homes of prefabricated concrete construction or with metal frame cavity walls; or
(d) Non-traditional building types, such as timber-framed may be classified as hard-to-treat.
(e) an uneven cavity formed in walls constructed of natural stone or from natural stone outer leaf and block or brick inner leaf


“Solid Wall Insulation” Means

(a) Internal or external insulation which lowers the U-value of the treated walls to 0.30W/m2K or less; or

(b) In the case of a mobile home, internal or external insulation applied to the ceiling, floor or walls which lower the U-value of those parts of the mobile home to which the insulation is applied.


What’s happening?

The Energy Act legislated for the Green Deal and theEnergy Company Obligation(ECO) which aim to improve energyefficiency in existing residential and commercial properties. ECO places alegal obligation on the six largest energy suppliers to install energy efficiency measures in homes where the Green Deal may not remove all the upfront costs of the measures, in low income households that cannot afford Green Deal finance and in difficult to improve properties. Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) estimated that the ECO would require energy suppliers to carry out work of at least £1,300 million per year.


Suppliers must deliver these improvements by 31st March 2015. This is intended to work alongsidethe Green Deal which will allow consumers to implement measures to improve the energy efficiencyof their property which will be paid for via their energy bills. Government is now enacting legislationto make the ECO work in practice.


ECO covers large social housingblocks and Park Homes. Park Homes are considered hard to treat and do not qualify for the GreenDeal as it is not currently possible to produce an EPC for them. There are approximately 100,000 ParkHomes in the UK.


How can Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) Ltd hope you?

The Energy Company Obligation legislation requires suppliers to obtain a report by a Chartered Surveyor to identifyappropriate energy efficiency measures where a Green Deal report is not available and to identify a‘hard to treat cavity’. Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) Ltd offer the surveying services for Hard-to-Treat Cavity Wall Chartered Surveyors Report to Energy Suppliers, Solid / Internal and Cavity Wall Insulation Installers, Green Deal Providers and Landlords.


We offer cost effective services on large portfolios and blocks of social housing to our Clients.It is too costly and time consuming to commission Green DealAdvisory Reports and gaining access to each individual property. Park homes will alsorequire a report from a Chartered Surveyor as these are classified as ‘difficult to improve properties’.


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